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Are you tired of full camps dotted with countless caravans, clumsy tourist tents and rudely parked cars? And now something completely different when you see Ivan Olip oasis, located on the north of the island. The camp is easily reached by boat or on foot. Ive does not allow access from any motorized tools, and anyone who went to one of the sandy wilderness Lopar of Rab, enriched with scented conifers, will soon realize why. In such a calming space from which a wide view to the blue Adriatic goes, every car acts as a small ecological bomb. To the depth of the camp visitors are being guided by small paths decorated with handmade ceramic vases from which creeper with large red flowers climb the pine. Under your is a feet gently rustling carpet of sand and pine needles, and smell fragrant charm combination that would open the nostrils of the man with the worst cold. In the middle of such an environment settled Ive his little camp - about fifteen wooden bungalows and thirty tents, camp "Zidine".

Archaeological site

From toponym Zidine can be concluded that today uninhabited part of the peninsula Lopar had an interesting past.


A large number of existing trails that connect Rab attractive locations. Rab is the perfect place for recreation.

Transverzalna botana

The island of Rab is one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic. Most of the island is covered in pine forests and the holm oak.


Possibilities of arrival in Lopar camp Zidine and Research Development Center on the island of Rab.