Hiking and trekking on the island of Rab

Treking 1
Treking 2
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Treking 5

1. Kalifront
The forests of the peninsula Kalifront represent classic destination for recreational hiking. The jagged terrains and walking trails in the terminology are classified in the less demanding. Height differences are small, no off-road obstacles. For the density of forests wind and the sun do not create additional difficulties. The trails are suitable for psychophysical relaxation for people poorer fitness education, elderly, parents with small children, people recovering from illnesses and people with respiratory problems. Trails for hiking are separated at the level of gravel road in the form of leaf veins. It turns to the sea. You can visit the entire peninsula Kalifront by following the intermittent and difficult paths in the hinterland of the coast .All day or half day

2. Frkanj – Suha Punta
Category of field and track is similar to the previously mentioned. It is shorter, less demanding, famous for its beautiful views of the city of Rab. Trips can be combined with a meal in Suha Punta. - Half day

3. Rab – sv. Damjan – Grpe – Rab
The trail of medium difficulty, requires better training equipment

4. Rab – sv. Ilija - Gonar
Mainly using fireescape way to the top of mundanijska kosa. Medium challenging course, does not require special equipment

5. Supetarska Draga – Kampor – Gonar – Dumići
Very scenic trail through Mundanijska kosa. Less demanding.

6. Rab - Kamenjak
The mountain road to the highest peak (408 m) Medium complexity.

7. Around Lopar
Medium complexity, using the old pastoral runs. Recommended equipment for trekking because of diverse terrain (rocks, landslides, wetlands, thorn bush). A few short climbs, nice view of the islands of Grgur and Goli. - Half day

8. Lopar – Ciganka – San Marino
Less demanding, does not require special equipment. Using mostly fireescape way on middle reefs of the Lopar peninsula. It begins in the fairy port Lopar and moving on to the seaside lungo mare of Mira Villas - climb and descent to the bay of the Crkvena, continues to Javorani and Zidine. Near the substation connects to the fire trail that passes near Ciganka through Matahliće above the Sahara to Andreskic and down in San Marino. - Half day

Archaeological site

From toponym Zidine can be concluded that today uninhabited part of the peninsula Lopar had an interesting past.


A large number of existing trails that connect Rab attractive locations. Rab is the perfect place for recreation.

Transverzalna botana

The island of Rab is one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic. Most of the island is covered in pine forests and the holm oak.


Possibilities of arrival in Lopar camp Zidine and Research Development Center on the island of Rab.